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Music is in my blood. It has always come naturally to me.

I began singing at an early age in the choir at my grandmothers church Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Oakland, Ca.

As I got older, I started to write my own songs.

I would hear a beat that "spoke" to me and the lyrics would relatively and surprisingly come quickly for me.

With the knowledge that I can indeed write my very OWN song, I started writing more material, whether about my own experiences in life or experiences or stories that I heard from others.

What I feel sets me apart from other singer/songwriters is that I feel the material I write is about real life experiences, and is very blunt and in your face with honesty. I do not write to conform to the norm. I feel we are missing that HONESTY in music, that REAL feeling that people can relate to

About Me


My mission is to get paid doing what I LOVE and what I love is music and helping people that are less fortunate. My dream and ideal job is to get PAID for songwriting, creating beats, discovering new talent and doing philanthropy work......that is MY GOAL and I am finally working towards it. I have put my music on hold due to work, kids and life But now it's time for me to let the world into my mind a little by way of music. IF U LIKE IT , SHARE IT !!

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